Facebook’s Targeting Marketing or Spying?

Have you noticed targeted ads on social media targeted towards you and whatever you were last searching? Do you think it is strangely odd and convenient that something you were searching about tends to pop up in your news feed? Well, it may be weird, but this approach is to engage you to follow through with a purchase.

Lately, when I am on Facebook, I notice ads that will pop up relevant to my recent searches I have done using my mobile device or laptop. It is very strange because if I am on a dating site on my device, Facebook tends to advertise other dating apps/sites or the one I am using. The marketing that Facebook is using is a great approach. Although, it can be awkward to see an ad for something you were just searching or thinking about, this can actually commit you to buying the shoes you were searching or maybe book that hotel that is 80 percent off.

Marketing is something that helps us with finding new product online or it could help us find a new vacation location. Personally, Facebook’s sponsored advertising has connected me to numerous new things I had no idea about. For example, a few months ago, I was in a market for a new car. I was originally interested in the Honda Accord Sport package. However, while I was browsing on Facebook, like I generally do, and an ad for Mazda 3 was advertised on my Facebook news feed. What this ad did was, allow me to do more research into the Mazda 3’s and I have to say I would have passed up on my car if it was not for Facebook’s targeted advertising. Yes, I purchased a 2019 Mazda 3 Preferred package and I have no regrets.

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